Mirror, mirror. Lost and Found Part 1

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While walking down the fire escape the other day (sometimes I do this to find easels…where do they go!! and to make sure nothing’s blocking it like banquet chairs) I got to the bottom of the stairs and there, poking out of old rolled up carpets and under 2 inches of dust I saw some beautiful gold spindles. What the heck is that I wondered? Feeling like a pirate who may have just found treasure, I pulled with all my might and uncovered a beautiful mirror! What was this doing here I wondered? I could see that the top left side was broken but surely it could be fixed. Who put it here? Was it meant to be fixed but then forgotten? Where did it used to hang? I set out to find out. First stop, our resident long time maintenance man Celestine, who remembered the mirror vaguely and muttered something about it being broken. Kind of a dead end there. Next, our long time (now former General Manager) Sarah who very very vaguely thought she sort of remembered it and said to check the archives. After diving into the archive cupboard, I pulled out what looked like an important book, leather bound and all, and started flipping pages. And there it was! A picture of it hanging above the console table in the hallway in full glory. Not much other info. Just the pic. My research continues…

photo (15)photo (14)

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